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Table 2 Routine precautions to avoid victimisation taken by the SW

From: Alone against the danger: a study of the routine precautions taken by voluntary sex workers to avoid victimisation

Increase the effort Increase the risks Reduce the rewards Reduce provocations Remove excuses
1. Target harden:
 a. Simulate social control
 b. Learn self-defence
c. Carry pepper spray
6. Extend guardianship:
a. Work in a salon or hotel
b. When in the street: avoid touting and avoid working alone
c. Work during the day
d. Inform a colleague when performing a service
11. Conceal targets:
a. Keep personal belongings out of sight
b. Use several different places to keep money and personal belongings
16. Reduce frustrations and stress:
a. Polite interaction with the customer
b. Soothing music
c. Massage the customer
d. When tension rises: reimburse the customer
e. Fair sex work
21. Set rules:
a. Define the characteristics of the sexual service beforehand
2. Control access to facilities:
a. CCTV at the entrance of the salons
7. Assist natural surveillance: not applicable 12. Remove targets:
a. Use a cheap mobile phone for work
17. Avoid disputes:
a. Payment in advance
b. Do not react to insults
c. When tension rises: keep talking gently to the customer
d. When rejecting a client: invoke another appointment
e. Work with colleagues
22. Post instructions: not applicable
3. Screen exits:
a. CCTV at the exit of the salons
8. Reduce anonymity:
a. First contact with the client by email
13. Identify property: not applicable 18. Reduce emotional arousal: not applicable 23. Alert conscience: not applicable
4. Deflect offenders:
a. Reject suspicious clients
b. When tension rises:
b1. Threaten to call the police
b2. Use tough verbal and body language
9. Utilise place managers:
a. Managers and colleagues of the salon as guardians
b. Panic button in the rooms of the salon
14. Disrupt markets: not applicable 19. Neutralise peer pressure:
a. Avoid going with more than one customer at the same time
24. Assist compliance:
a. Provide protection material
b. Marketing strategies for making safe sex more appealing
5. Control tools/weapons:
a. Propose a shower to the client before the sexual service
b. Check the premises/car of the client
10. Strengthen formal surveillance: not applicable 15. Deny benefits: not applicable 20. Discourage imitation: not applicable 25. Control drugs and alcohol:
a. Avoid own consumption before and while working
b. Reject clients under the influence