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Table 1 Included studies

From: Systematic review and meta-analysis of risk terrain modelling (RTM) as a spatial forecasting method

Authors Crime type City studied Outcome measure
Anyinam (2015) Violent crime New Haven, Connecticut Hit rate
Caplan (2011) Shootings Irvington, New Jersey Hit rate
Caplan et al., (2013a, 2013b) Violent crime Irvington, New Jersey Hit rate
Caplan et al., (2020) Robbery Brooklyn, New York PAI
Caplan et al., (2011a, .2011b) Shootings Irvington, New Jersey IRR
Daley et al., (2016) Child maltreatment Fort Worth, Texas Hit rate
Drawve (2016) Robbery Little Rock, Arkansas PAI
Drawve et al., (2016) Gun crime Little Rock, Arkansas Hit rate
Odds ratio
Dugato et al., (2017) Mafia homicide Naples, Italy Hit rate
Dugato et al., (2018) Residential burglaries Milan, Italy Hit rate
Dugato (2013) Robberies Milan, Italy Hit rate
Escudero and Ramírez (2018) Illicit drug markets Bogotá, Colombia Hit rate
Garnier et al., (2018) Robberies Newark, New Jersey Hit rate
Giménez-Santana et al., (2018a) Alcohol related traffic crashes Cádiz, Spain Hit rate
Giménez-Santana et al., (2018b) Violent crime Bogotá, Colombia Hit rate
Kennedy et al., (2011) Shootings Newark, New Jersey Hit rate
Odds ratio
Kennedy et al., (2016) Aggravated assault Chicago, Illinois IRR
Kocher and Leitner (2015) Assault, auto theft, burglary and robbery Salzburg, Austria Hit rate
Marchment et al., (2019) Bombings and bomb hoaxes Belfast, Northern Ireland Hit rate
Ohyama and Amemiya (2018) Thefts from vehicles Fukuoka, Japan Hit rate
Onat and Gul (2018) Terrorist acts Istanbul, Turkey Hit rate
Onat et al., (2018) Drug Ontario, Canada Hit rate
Valasik (2018) Gang violence Los Angeles, CA Hit rate
Valasik et al., (2019) Lethal violence Baton Rouge, Louisiana Hit rate
Yerxa (2013) Residential burglary Pacific Northwest Odds ratio