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Table 4 Reflective journal example entry

From: To SPB or not to SPB? A mixed methods analysis of self-protective behaviours to prevent repeat victimisation from cyber abuse

Question Example entry
1. What triggered the SPB? Break up of a romantic relationship.
2. What did the abuse entail? The victim was sent a large number of threatening and insulting messages via her social media account.
3. What did the victim do to prevent repeat victimisation The victim has blocked the abuser in social media.
4. Any additional steps the victim undertook as a precaution? The victim also adjusted her social media account’s privacy settings to be visible to friends only.
5. What did the victim try to accomplish? The goal was to block the abuser from accessing the victim.
6. How was this goal accomplished? By reducing the accessibility of the victim and reducing the visibility of the victim’s social media account.