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Table 5 Tweet examples (reported verbatim)

From: “Show this thread”: policing, disruption and mobilisation through Twitter. An analysis of UK law enforcement tweeting practices during the Covid-19 pandemic

  Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
Fraud #Scam—Fraudsters exploiting spread of #COVID19 #coronavirus for #fraud & #cybercrime—Victim losses from 21 reports since Feb 2020 total over £800 K. 10 reports of victims trying to purchase face masks from fraudulent sellers Read for details & advice (link) More people may fall victim to #onlineshopping fraud as they self-isolate due to #COVID19
You are a victim of online shopping fraud if you buy goods from an online seller that never arrive. Find out how to protect yourself(link)
Be careful of scams as #coronavirus continues to spread. Visit Action Fraud for more advice and information ⬇(link) Stamp out #COVID19 Doorstep scams. Learn the signs to spot or speak up for those that may have fallen victim. Tell the charity @CrimestoppersUK what you know 100% anonymously—0800 555 111 or online: (link)
Cybercrime We've been working tirelessly alongside our colleagues at @CityPoliceFraud to investigate alleged frauds linked to #COVID19. We will proactively pursue people exploiting this national crisis for personal profit. Report fraud/cyber crime to @ActionFraudUK (link) Cyber criminals are exploiting peoples interest in COVID-19 to steal login details & download malware. This has increased as more people have become reliant on internet based services because they are working from home or in isolation Cyber Criminals are using #CoronaVirus to target people with #Ransomware. Techniques seen since the start of #Covid19 include emails with links claiming to have important updates, which once clicked lead devices to being attacked (link) During the #covid19 crisis we are continuing to pursue offenders engaging in the sexual abuse of children online, and we will be sharing lots of resources to help children, parents & carers improve their #OnlineSafetyAtHome. More at (link)
General crime RT@INTERPOL_HQ : Police around the world are working to support government measures and counter new crimes linked to #COVID19. (link) RT@SouthCovWMP: Covid 19 Update, Response officers are on Duty 24/7 protecting the most vulnerable, NHT teams are patroling local ward areas communicating the new covid 19 regulations, fcid teams are investigating crimes supporting victims of crimes. (link) Recorded crime has fallen during Scotland’s response to the coronavirus according to our early indications. Find out more: (link) Be vigilant against criminals using the publicity around coronavirus as a chance to target the vulnerable—(link)
Domestic abuse "If you suspect your neighbour is experiencing domestic abuse, you can call the domestic abuse advocacy service on 0300 790 6772 for advice. if you suspect someone’s life is in danger, call 999.\r\n covid19 (link) Staying home should not mean at risk. If you are a victim of #DomesticAbuse—remember #YouAreNotAlone. What happens when you report domestic violence to us during the #COVID19 outbreak? Watch our short video here: (link) We are still here and we can help With #COVID19 restrictions, people are now isolating within their homes. This means that we may see a rise of domestic violence and child abuse cases. If you're in an emergency situation, but can’t talk, here's how to let us know you need help: (link) People facing violence/controlling behaviour at home should still report their experiences to police or seek advice & support from local domestic abuse services. Officers will attend calls for help and arrest perpetrators despite the additional pressures on the service. #Covid19