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Table 1 Boolean terms used to code themes for fraud and domestic abuse

From: “Show this thread”: policing, disruption and mobilisation through Twitter. An analysis of UK law enforcement tweeting practices during the Covid-19 pandemic

Theme Boolean search term
Fraud CONTAINS:[{"*fraud*","*scam*","*phish*","counterfeit","illegal","fake","pirate*", "forgery","forged", "falsified", "suspicious", "unexpected", " unsolicited"} AND CONTAINS: {"email*", "text*", "account*","call", "attachment*","link*","ad*"," good*", "website*", "tax", "photo*","message*"," impersonate "," pretend,*takefive ","actionfraud"}]
OR CONTAINS: [{"*fraud*","*scam*"}]
Domestic Abuse CONTAINS: {"domestic", "intimate","partner","home"} AND CONTAINS {"abuse", "violence"}
  1. (* is a wildcard operator, such that ‘violen*’ would identify terms such as ‘violence’, ‘violent’ and so on)