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Table 1 Major interventions against the covid19 outbreak in Sweden

From: Minor covid-19 association with crime in Sweden

Week (date) Intervention
11 (12/3) Gatherings of > 500 people banned
(Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020a)
11 (13/3) Anyone with cold symptoms asked to stay home
(Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020b)
12 (16/3) Anyone over age 70 asked to minimize physical contact
(Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020c)
12 (17/3) High schools and universities to teach from distance
(Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020d)
12 (19/3) Anyone asked to refrain from unnecessary travels
(Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020e)
13 (24/3) Restaurant, café, bar mandated to limit crowding
(Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020f)
13 (27/3) Gatherings of > 50 people banned
(Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020g)
14 (1/4) General recommendations to businesses and associations to limit social interaction. Employers recommended to encourage work from home. Public transport to reduce crowding
(Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020h)
18 (29/4) Pregnant women with health problems recommended to limit social contacts as much as possible (Folkhälsomyndigheten 2020i)