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Table 4 Results ordered by highest Chi square result for each category

From: Built environment attributes and crime: an automated machine learning approach

Anti-social behaviour Bicycle theft Burglary Criminal damage and arson Drugs Possession of weapons Public order Robbery Shoplifting Theft from the person Vehicle Crime Violence and sexual offences
Window Hedge Fence Fence Tree Window Door Tree Door Garage Door Streetlight
Building Fence Streetlight Building Window Door Window Fence Streetlight Tree Building Hedge
Tree Tree Window Garage Hedge Building Streetlight Window Building Hedge Fence Fence
Door Garage Door Hedge Building Hedge Fence Door Garage Door Tree Door
Hedge Streetlight Tree Door Door Garage Building Garage Tree Fence Garage Tree
Fence Door Building Window Garage Streetlight Tree Building Hedge Window Hedge Building
Streetlight Window Garage Tree Fence Fence Hedge Streetlight Window Building Window Garage
Garage Building Hedge Streetlight Streetlight Tree Garage Hedge Fence Streetlight Streetlight Window