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Table 3 Timeline dates with changes in mobility and crime

From: Crime and coronavirus: social distancing, lockdown, and the mobility elasticity of crime

Period Date & event Mobility change Crime change
1 11 March 2020: WHO ‘global pandemic’ announcement Increased mobility around grocery stores until lockdown ‘All crime’ decline begins;
Declines begin for theft (other theft), theft from vehicles and recorded sex offences
2 16 March 2020: No none-essential travel—‘formal social distancing’ Onset of decreases at Retail & recreation, and Workplaces.
Onset of increase at residential areas
Assaults decline begins (subsequent weekend spikes were absent). Shoplifting decline begins
3 20 March 2020:
Closure of bars, restaurants. gyms etc
  Criminal damage decline begins (weekend spikes absent);
Public disorder decline begins
4 23 March 2020:
National lockdown
Decreased mobility around grocery stores begins Burglary decline begins;
Theft of vehicles decline begins