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Table 2 Burglary risks during three periods in March, 2020, indicating the effects of stay-at-home practices responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Detroit block groups with 90% or more residential parcels

From: Routine activity effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on burglary in Detroit, March, 2020

 Period APeriod BPeriod C
March 1 through March 9March 10 through March 23March 24 through March 31
a. Total block groups in subset657657657
b. Total days in period9148
c. Total burglaries in subset in period9313147
d. Burglaries per day in subset
  d = c/b
e. Burglaries per day per 100 block groups in subset
  e = (d × 100)/657
f. Per cent change from period A0− 0.10− 0.43