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Table 1 Burglary risks during three periods in March, 2020, indicating the effects of stay-at-home practices responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Detroit block groups

From: Routine activity effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on burglary in Detroit, March, 2020

 Period APeriod BPeriod C
March 1 through March 9March 10 through March 23March 24 through March 31
a. Total block groups879879879
b. Total days in period9148
c. Total burglaries in period11916972
d. Burglaries per day (d = c/b)13.2212.079.00
e. Burglaries per day per 100 block groups
  e = (d × 100)/879
f. Per cent change from Period A0− 0.09− 0.32