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Table 1 Product-based crime script for production of jaguar paste from live animals

From: The production of jaguar paste in Suriname: a product-based crime script

Stages Steps Location Actor(s) Product status
Procure Find and kill jaguar (see Table 2) Wilderness area, community land bordering wilderness area, or logging/mining camp Hunter(s) Whole carcass
Broker Contact local Chinese shopkeeper or roving buyer to sell carcass
Contact person who ordered hunt
Community near hunting site Hunter
Whole carcass
Broker (2) Identify paste processor in Paramaribo Middleman’s community (small urban area) Middleman Whole carcass
Transport Move carcass to Paramaribo for processing, possibly switching cars along the way, using scout car to avoid law enforcement (late evening/early morning) Road network Middleman
Whole carcass
Purchase Sell carcass to processor Urban area Middleman
Whole carcass
Process Boil carcass (meat, skin, bones) down into paste (5–7 days)
Remove teeth and claws for resale
Processor home/workshop Processor
Paste (raw)
Teeth, claws (separate)
Package Put 500 g of paste into individual pots for sale; store in fridge or freezer Processor home/workshop Processor Paste (packaged)
Sell Sell individual pots to members of the local Chinese community for use locally or for export Traditional Chinese Medicine shop
Home of processor
Final Consumer
Paste (packaged)
Export Place containers in hand luggage and fly to China International airport (Suriname) Exporter Paste (packaged)
Import Get containers through Chinese customs International airport (China) Exporter Paste (packaged)
Resale Sell individual pots to local networks in China Unknown Exporter
Final Consumer
Paste (packaged)