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Table 3 Author intent labels in the CrimeBB Corpus, with anonymised examples from HackForums

From: Automatically identifying the function and intent of posts in underground forums

Author intent Description Anonymised example
Positive Posts which are helpful, give praise or encouragement, express amusement or a desire for a product/service If service is available just follow the same procedure; nice design BTW
Neutral Posts which have no discernible sentiment, positive or negative There’s currently number members registered
Negative Posts that state a negative opinion I hate product not gonna use it
Arbitrate Posts containing admin-esque attempts to control discussion If it’s a person, do not charge
Vouch Posts that give a positive review of someone’s product/service Vouch for this person
Gratitude Posts that thank the authors of previous posts for their contributions ty ty hope u enjoy
Private message Posts where the author suggests that communication continues through another channel such as Skype or MSN Going to messaging-service you now
Aggression Posts that are abusive to the previous discussion participant(s) in some way What the fuck are you talking about?