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Table 2 Tweet variables related to the interaction and the structure of messages.

From: Hate is in the air! But where? Introducing an algorithm to detect hate speech in digital microenvironments

Variable Type Description
 Mention_counta Numeric Number of mentions included in the text of the tweet
 Hashtag_counta Numeric Number of hashtags included in the text of the tweet
 Urla Boolean When true, indicates that the tweet includes a URL
 Retweet_count Numeric Number of times this tweet has been retweeted
 Minute_count Numeric Number of minutes since the event happened and the tweet was issued
 Text_counta Numeric Number of characters in the message, excluding URL, emoji, and retweet structure characters (i.e., ‘RT @username’)
 Emojia Boolean Indicates whether the text of the tweet includes an emoji
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