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Table 1 Activity coding scheme

From: Is travel actually risky? A study of situational causes of victimization

Main activity categories in app Subcategories Activity coding
Sleeping   Sleeping
Eating and drinking Eating and drinking at home, work or school Other
Going out for eating and drinking Leisure
Personal or medical care   Other
Employment   Work
Study/education School, university Education
Study, course as a hobby Education
Domestic work Cooking/food preparation Other
Household upkeep, cleaning Other
Gardening and taking care of pets Other
DIY, construction and repairs Other
Administration/paper work Other
Shopping and services Shopping/groceries Shopping/errands
Services Shopping/errands
Caring for/helping children and adults Caring and supervising children (of own family) Other
Helping other adults within own family Other
Helping others outside the family Other
Social contacts Visits/having visitors, parties Leisure
Having a talk Leisure
Using the telephone Leisure
Television, radio, reading Watching television Leisure
Listening to radio and music Leisure
Reading Leisure
Computer and internet Gathering information and news via the internet Leisure
Online banking and online shopping Shopping/errands
Communicating through the internet (online) Leisure
Other pc/internet offline Leisure
Computer games Leisure
(Other) leisure Voluntary work Work
Sports Leisure
Visiting sports/competitions Leisure
Going out, cultural visits Leisure
Library Leisure
Trips Leisure
Hobby Leisure
Playing games Leisure
Resting Leisure
Religious and ceremonial activities Leisure
Traveling Walking Private transport open-air
Cycling Private transport open-air
Moped/scooter Private transport open-air
Own car Private transport by car
Taxi Private transport by car
Bus Public transport
Tram Public transport
Train Public transport
Other mode of transportation Other
Registering time use by the smartphone   Other