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Table 3 Eve teasing: recommended situational prevention measures for police, college and transport authorities and the city municipality

From: Rapid assessment of “eve teasing” (sexual harassment) of young women during the commute to college In India

Increase efforts Increase risks Reduce rewards Reduce provocations Remove excuses
Police authorities
No private vehicle parking near campus bus stops
College authorities
Create or support gender cells in college
Train students in routine precautions and bystander interventions
Transport authorities
Provide training for bus conductors
City municipality
Provide public phones near bus stops or train stations
Introduce CCTV at bus stops
Improve lighting at bus stops
Widen sidewalks near college campuses, temples, and train stations
Make bus stands more spacious
Locate bus stops closer to college campuses
Clean up around bus stops
Clean up routes from bus stops to campus
Create auto-rickshaw stands near colleges
Police authorities
Provide more patrolling in the evening
Increase random checking of buses and trains by police
Allocate more uniformed and undercover patrolling near college campuses
Routine supervision of small shops near college campuses
Encourage college student internships with police to deal with violence against women
Encourage volunteer student patrols at high-risk times and during college hours
Transport authorities
Introduce ladies special-share autos
Allocate more women-only buses during rush hours
College authorities
Introduce self-defense classes for students
Provide more college buses for evening students
Transport authorities
Restrict the numbers of passengers in buses
Have more buses serving college areas for evening students
College authorities
Provide more college buses
Transport authorities
Post signs and instructions in the buses and Autos, Bus Stops and train stations and Auto stands (EVE TEASING IS A CRIME UNDER IPC)
City municipality
Restrict wine shops near college campuses
Police authorities
Develop strategies for good police–student relations
Awareness campaigns for reporting the incidents
More stringent procedures in apprehending perpetrators
Sensitize police about violence against women
Honor oral complaints at the police stations
Listen to the victim
College authorities
Awareness campaigns concerning rights and laws against sexual harassment
Create student 24- hour helpline on campus
Improve counseling for students
Provide college seminars on sexual harassment for men and women students
Invite police officers to teach students about station procedures in reporting and filing a case
Improve campus canteen facilities and extend service hours for snacks
Mount media campaigns about eve teasing