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Table 2 Examples of eve teasing incidents provided in the focus group discussions

From: Rapid assessment of “eve teasing” (sexual harassment) of young women during the commute to college In India

“College boys commenting on the figure of the girls, skin color, hair, saying if she wears swim suit she will look nice”

“In the bus the men comment on the girls saying things like they Do not have a bath, they smell, ‘kuppa’ college (means useless), dirty girls…”

“Pinching the breast in crowded buses. Touched from behind, can’t even protest and feel ashamed to do anything”

“While waiting for bus, they throw water from water sachets”; When a foreigner was purchasing water, shopkeeper joked in Tamil with those around calling her ‘white female’

“In one instance a guy took my duppatta (scarf) and got into the bus, only when I slapped him in the bus in front of others and he gave back the duppata”

“Not just in buses even in auto the drivers adjust the mirror and keep staring”

“Torture on phone, finding out the address and threatens to commit suicide”

“While going to college give love letters, and threaten to meet parents and to pour acid”

“A guy got my number and tortured me, kept calling very often and later on he started threatening me. Now I stopped using cell phone and I’m scared whenever I hear mobile ring tones”

“When she went to a popular mall, a man came and touched her after which she is scared to go there anymore”

“I saw it when I was standing in the bus stop. A group of boys came near a girl who was standing alone in the bus stop. They made fun of her dress and tried to touch her. She got scared and ran off. The other day she came with her father but still the boys continued to tease and made fun of her”

“I went mad and nervous when I went wearing saree in the bus for the first time in my life. 2 men scared me and made me restless looking at me continuously. It’s a perverted look. Now I regret why wore saree”

“Near ladies hostel, men come in car and pull down their pants. Police protection is there but doesn’t help”

“Near a train station when a girl protested him teasing another girl he came and pulled her scarf/shawl and in the process tore her dress”