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Table 2 Simple heart rate measurements derived from meta-analyses

From: Using basic neurobiological measures in criminological research

Study Sample Effect size Equipment Relevant websites
Bullock (1988) Female adolescents −1.5715 Finger plethismograph e.g.
Pitts (1997) Children −0.6232 Pulse meter attached to non-dominant hand e.g.,
Chiang et al. (2001) Adults −.79 Pulse oximeter e.g.,
Davies and Maliphan (1971) Adolescents −.73/−1.4266 Ear lobe pulse meter e.g.
Kindlon et al. (1995) Children −.52/−.4073 Lafayette instrument Corporation Pulse Rate Monitor, model 77065
Van Goozen et al. (1998) Children −1.20/−.5512 Arm cuff HEM-750C
  1. Variance in d was caused by different calculation methods between the two meta-analyses. Two studies could not be obtained due to lack of auhors’ contact information (e.g. Pitts,1993 and Hume, 1987).