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Table 3 Strengths and weaknesses of NGT

From: Not just another focus group: making the case for the nominal group technique in criminology

  Standard NGT Online application NGT
Strengths - Subject-matter experts sample - Anonymity
- Number of creative ideas generated - Access to difficult to engage population
- Equal participation (in idea generation and in voting) - Saves (travel) expenses and time
- Limits researcher influence – participant-led - Flexibility – convenience (asynchrounous)
- Highly structured  
- Participants’ sense of accomplishment and motivation  
- Basic data-analysis quick and easy  
- Part of mixed-method  
Weaknesses - Selection and response bias - Restrict participation
- Single-topic sessions - research question critical - Limited computer access or computer-illiteracy
- Group dynamics remain - Lack nonverbal cues
- Two researchers needed - Lack of real-time group dynamic
- Physically attend meeting – no anonymity  
- (Limited) reading and writing skills required  
- Provides only limited depth