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Table 1 Study design and data collection

From: Not just another focus group: making the case for the nominal group technique in criminology

Research build up Objective Research questions Method Nr. of groups N
Part 1 Develop central study question What should good drug prevention be like? Open FG 6 47
Part 2.1. Generate ideas What are the most important things: 1) to make sure that young people do not use drugs? 2) to make sure that young people who do use drugs do not get into trouble? 3) to better help young people who get into trouble with drugs anyhow? NGT 14 82
Part 2.2. Rank ideas What is the most important idea? (each priority 1–5) Questionnaire 14 63
Part 3 Clarify ideas What do you want/need to make sure the priorities are put into practice? FG 14 78
Part 4 Returning to the field Do you agree with the analysis? If not, what do you want to change/add? Feedback sessions 8 53
  1. NGT: Nominal Group Technique.
  2. FG: Focus Group.
  3. N = Number of participants.