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Table 2 Types of offender organizations from various organizations

From: Defining the types of counterfeiters, counterfeiting, and offender organizations

Concept of offender organizations

Source of definition


General definition of core group

US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

This defines the individuals or core groups involved in the crime. These terms are used for enforcement and prosecution.

Specific definition of counterfeiting and piracy group

US National Intellectual Property Rights Center (IPR Center)

This expands on the general definitions to intellectual property rights crimes of counterfeiting and piracy.

Regional assessments and markets

UN Center for International Crime Prevention (UNCICP)

This is a system to define the structure of the organizations in relation to geographic proximity.

Central ten variables of criminal structure


This provides taxonomy for defining the details of specific criminal organizations.

Typology of hierarchy


This provides more detailed definitions of how the group or groups interact and conduct operations.